Amy Troutman has over 10 years experience as the senior consultant for Mandil Inc.'s palette development team and serves as a project manager on many of the firm's initiatives. Amy's intellectual, systematic approach is uniquely balanced by her innate sense of color and a deep understanding of how the subtleties of various hues, saturations, tones and textures of materials impact overall elevations and streetscapes across the nation. As the person responsible for overseeing color selection, she assures that two-dimensional color chips translate beautifully into livable, memorable neighborhoods and communities. Passionate about expanding her color knowledge, she feels the IACC-NA is a great way to learn from others, teach a foundation of color, and share different experiences.

The International Association of Color Consultants/Designers – North America (IACC-NA) is based in the United States, but are comprised of color professionals from around the world. Membership consists of professionals who have chosen to become more educated about color, its proper application, and the human response it elicits. Knowledge, credibility, and validity set IACC-NA members apart from other color professionals by our commitment to integrating the art and science of color. Find them at